Thursday, July 7, 2011

Paper Flowers/Paper Poms directions

Just realized that I did not share the steps to make the paper flowers/paper poms. To me they look like huge mums so that's why I think "paper flowers" but some do call them "poms" which fits, too. :)

  1.  Get your Tissue paper (the same kind we use for stuffing gift bags) and count out at least 12 and up to about 18 sheets. Realizing that some tissue paper is a bit thicker and stronger and some a bit thinner and more delicate it may be wise to get enough to practice with just how that tissue paper will respond to the folding and separating that is coming up in the next steps
  2. Lay the sheets stacked and flat on a flat surface and do an accordion  fold all the way down. (accordion fold is the same as you would fold paper to make a fan) The thickness of the fold and layers will be thicker for the stiffer papers and can be thinner and smaller for the more the more delicate and thin tissue paper.
  3. Once your paper is folded into the accordion stack, take floral wire (nice and bendable kind) or pipe cleaners and fold over the middle of the stack and twist tight. Keep the twist on the side of the stack not the top.
  4. Take scissors and trim the ends of the paper to either round them off or into a point. Each way will change the look of the finished product. 
  5. Now you are ready to start the fluffing of the flower/pom. Carefully pull one piece of tissue at a time towards the top of the wire in the middle, do not bend or crease the paper. Just lift it. Keep the straight part of your wire pointing down. I hold mine in my opposite hand while fluffing at first. 
To keep the round shape pull a few from the top and then a few from the bottom so that they are not all pointed in the same direction.

To hang: tie on some good strength clear wire such as fishing line and trim off any floral wire or pipe cleaner that may show and it is ready to hang. For that floating in the air look.  If you prefer the look of ribbon when hanging them then I suggest to slip the ribbon under the floral wire/pipe cleaner at STEP3 before you twist off the wire. By not wrapping the ribbon around the whole stack it will give you more flexibility when fluffy and the middle will not be too bulky.

I have seen these used as napkin holders also if you use really small paper. Cut the paper down to about the size of your hand. 

These would look so dreamy hanging from tree limbs for an outdoor party. However keep in mind, this is tissue paper so NO FIRE and NO!


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