Thursday, July 7, 2011

Paper Flowers

These paper flowers can be used in so many settings, parties, baby mobile, girl's room decor or just plain home decor. I have seen these online in several different usages and just had to try to make one. Of course you can purchase them already made. I had some white tissue paper on hand and had to give it a try...

Not bad for a first try :) This one is quite large! about 14" across. I plan to make two smaller ones or perhaps one medium and one small and hang them with fishing line from my daughter's ceiling. She has been at her grandmother's this week and this will surely be a nice surprise for her when she walks into her room. I wish I had other colors of tissue paper on hand to try. The white is very pretty alone so pink or polka dots would be even cuter for a girl's room. 

 This image is from an Etsy shop "PomLove"  here is the link PomLove on Etsy  



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